Monday, October 4, 2010

Chakravyuh 2.0

QBIT held its first campus quiz today, in Hostel 6 for the new batch of 2010 and the response was surely unexpectedly terrific. 25 teams = 50 people in the mess with a prize money of a humble Rs. 350 (from our own pockets :P) was a heart-warming experience. And as always, we learnt a lot ourselves.

The winners are :
1st : Waquar Ahmad & Vishesh (12.5 points)
2nd : Shubham Shrivastava & Raghvesh Sharan (9.5 points)
3rd : Archit Singh & Utkarsh (9 points)

Here are the questions of the quiz. The visual questions have been omitted.

We hope to have a quiz after the Durga Puja vacations. Maybe in our own hostels too :P.  Till then, keep quizzing! Keep commenting!


Atticus Finch said...

And a special mention for Abhishek from the 2k10 batch, whose help was invaluable in helping putting up the notices in a timely fashion.

Kumar Prakhar said...

6> two largest stadiums in INDIA are THE SALT LAKE STADIUM and THE EDEN GARDENS,both in kolkata

Ayas said...

The Answers:
1: Lexus
2: Easy tone
3: Mirrors
4: Pandavas
5: Alienware
7: Linkin Park
9: Mario
12:Bill Gates
14:We didn't start the fire(Billy Joel)
17:East India
21:Del potro
23:I'm Feeling Lucky
24:Holmes & Irene Adler
26:Top Ramen
For the missed out ones refer the visual questions' post

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