Friday, October 1, 2010

Daily Trivia #375

Nefarious Intentions are not new !!!

Connect the above images & give individual pics' fundae.

Good attempts, but none of you got it right although Maverick was the closest.
The connect is the "US Rainbow War Plans" following World War I to atack countries. The War Plan Red/Crimson(UK), War Plan Orange(Japan) & War Plan Black(Germany). The US Navy was central to all these plans and went for aggressive recruitment of sailors & soldiers for the first time in modern Naval history.
In all these plans, the US referred to itself with the colour code "Blue"(pic 6).
Browse on it, its an interesting piece of historical trivia.


Aditya Venkataraman aka Jicks said...

connect : great powers which fought in the second world war
pic1 flag of imperial japan
pic 2: famous photo of the muldrow glacier in alaska, which was sold to the US by russia
pic 3 : uncle sam - US
pic4 : union jack - UK
pic5 : germanys flag
pic6 : map of the USA

manish said...

Is the connect Navy????
1) The naval ensign of Japan
2) South Africa uses its flag(unofficially called the Rainbow Flag) on its Naval ensign
3)The poster designed by JM Flagg to be used for recruiting in US Navy during World Wars
4)The Union Jack which is used on the British naval Ensigns
5)The German flag's tricolor is used in the German Naval ensign along with the German Coat of Arms
6)The US Naval Jack used a jack having one star for each state..the map shows the USA divided into the 50 states represented on the jack by a star each...

Maverick said...

I get a feeling this has something to do with the Project Rainbow - Supposedly US Navy tried it, so did Nazi Germany.

Project Rainbow being the name given to a supposed experiment trying to cloak a ship/displace it in space and time. Highly debated and discarded as a hoax

Not sure how Japan and UK fit in

Maverick said...

Ok, a little bit of googling gives me what might be relevant - In the 1940s, the code name RAINBOW was used to refer to the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis. The RAINBOW plans were the war plans to defeat Italy, Germany and Japan.

Kind of links it all up - The connect might be Project Rainbow only

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