Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daily Trivia #378 Top of the world (Quiz-a-day Question No. 3)

Connect the 3 images to a single word.
As usual,
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goutamjay said...


varun said...


film,dawood don,hades(god of underworld)

jaihind1989 said...

underworld :)

jaihind1989 said...

underworld :)

Archangel said...

underworld the movie, the mumbai underworld king pin Daud I. and Haides greek god of underworld


Happy DP to all

daredevil said...

Abraham ibn Daud (Hebrew Avraham ben David ha-Levi; Arabic Ibrahim ibn Daud) (1110 – 1180) was a Spanish-Jewish astronomer, historian, and the first philosopher to attempt a systematic integration of Aristotelianism into Jewish thought.

Ashmita said...

Kate Beckinsale in the movie 'Underworld'.

Dawood, who is associated with Mumbai's underworld circuit.

And Hades is known as the king of the underworld in Greek mythology.

So connect is underworld.

udit said...


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