Sunday, November 7, 2010

MarchAhead's Treasure Hunt - Cryptex 2010

March Ahead is a site dedicated to improve the general knowledge of whoever cares enough to.  After having set a base for 2 years in the sphere of quizzing, it is now expanding its horizons to online treasure hunts by way of an event called Cryptex 2010.

A treasure hunt is a sort of serial puzzle which not only tests your general knowledge, but also your ability to think laterally (sometimes in bizarre ways) to reach an answer.  A good example of a treasure hunt question is as below (this has appeared recently in an online Treasure Hunt out of Hyderabad, but is an old one any way)

So you think you know your number systems?



The answer to this puzzle is Christmas
The logic of this answer is as follows

1.       The lit pumpkin depicts Halloween
2.       Halloween is celebrated on October 31 or OCT 31
3.       The 10 would indicate that you convert this into decimal
4.   OCT 31 = DEC 25
5.     Christmas is celebrated on 25th December

This problem is among the simpler problems posed.  Such problems can be enjoyable and yet maddeningly frustrating at times.  Which is all part of the charm of a treasure hunt.

The team designing this treasure hunt has got some of the best players of the game in the country as also a past Master of Klueless, arguably the most popular event in its genre.  This would also serve as a good ground for honing ones skills in preparation for the same. Knowing the team as we do, we would heartily recommend you try your hand at it.  The team assures that it would ensure that everybody is helped at all levels so as to make the trip an enjoyable affair.

Cryptex starts on November 11 at 20:00 hrs and would continue till somebody cracks the last level.  This is typically 2-3 days.  So do visit Cryptex 2010 and register and treat yourself to an engrossing game of  puzzle solving.

Updates on this event can also be found on the FB Page Cryptex 2010

QBIT wishes MarchAhead a hearty congratulations and best of luck for Cryptex.

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