Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daily Trivia #407 Connect the images, your Honour!

Good morning folks! Winter is finally settling in aye?

This next one is courtesy Aditya Tyagi, of 2010 batch, here in BIT Mesra.

Connect the following images :


Smart Pushkar said...

The answer is
Medal of Honor 2010 (Game)

daredevil said...

1.Medal of honour flag.
2.Linkin Park-The Catalyst(Single)
3.Steven Spielberg.
conn.-Medal of Honour game.
Steven Spielberg is the creator of the Medal of Honor series by Electronic Arts,Linkin Park song, entitled "The Catalyst", was featured in the final Medal of Honor trailer ,game is The single player campaign which takes place in 2002 in Afghanistan

abhishek said...

medal of honour , by ea games , set in afghanistan on story by speilsberg ..has linking park's catalyst in a trailer.

AliAkbar said...

its a medal of honor[top ranking US army] and steven speilberg founder of medal of honor game; & linkin parks "the catalyst"-has used MOH,its theme

Aadil said...

GAME-medal of honor
1.medal of honor flag
2.cover for LP's "catalyst" song featuring in game
3.steven spielberg creator
4.d game is abt conflicts gng on in afghanistan.....

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