Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daily Trivia #415 Easy there Panther!

for those who love to google these questions out.


salil said...

Is it windows 95 launch ? the cast of friends , empire state building having colors of windows and rolling stones probably gave promotional song about that

chuck said...

launch of Windows 95..

pic 1-Rolling Stones-commercial for windows 95 featuring the song "Start Me Up"
pic 2 -Empire state building-was lit to match the colors of the Windows logo
pic3&4-promotional video for Windows 95,a "cyber sitcom", featuring jennifer aniston and matthew perry(F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

Siddarth Pai said...

Windows 95 launch

rlling stones sang a song called start up or start me up

mathew perry and aniston of friends did a sitcom

the empire state building was lit up as such

indian said...


Dr. M. P.Mishra said...

The connect is "windows 95".
First one is the logo of the rolling stones.
second one The Empire State building, New York
third and fourth one are Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston respectively(I know them since i am a die hard friends' fan ;) )
The rollig stones' song "start me up" was used at the Windows 95 release. Moreover, a promotional video called "cyber sitcom" featuring Jennifer aniston nd matthew perry was released. In the United States, the Empire State Building in New York City was lit to match the colors of the Windows logo.

Saket Kumar said...

Windows 95 was released featuring the Rolling Stones song “Start Me Up” (a reference to the Start button).A promotional video, labelled a “cyber sitcom”, featuring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry, was also released to showcase the features of Windows 95.The Empire State Building in New York City was lit to match the colors of the Windows logo.

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