Sunday, January 2, 2011

Daily Trivia #416 Countless blind mice

Happy New Year people! As far as I know, there have been no terrorist attacks in India on the eve. But, a bomb did go off in a church in Egypt on Saturday. :(
Anyway, with our resolution to not use tineye, lets begin this new year and the countless trivia that comes bundled with it, with this sitter.
Connect these images.

Answer : NOKJ, name inspired from a TOI front page headline, is based on the alleged killing of a part-time bartender by Manu Sharma [pic 2]. Amit Trivedi [pic 3 performing at Mood I 2010] is the music director of No One Killed Jessica.


Shashwat Goel said...

Connect : No one killed jessica [TOI + Manu Sharma + unknown guy]

Varun said...

No one killed Jessica. the title inspired by an article in the Times of India

daredevil said...

times of india logo.
manu sharma.
sahil dhingra.
conn.-jessica lal murder case.Times Of india reported that The police had gone to LAP, a lounge bar co-owned by film actor Arjun Rampal, on early Saturday morning following a complaint against Sahil Dhingra, owner of leading apparel exporter Orient Craft, who was accompanied by Manu Sharma, the killer of Jessica Lall who is out on parole at present. While Dhingra was detained, Manu gave cops the slip and exited by the rear door.

daredevil said...

the 3rd image is of sameer thapar not sahil dhingra.
Samir Thapar, vice
president and managing director of JCT Ltd, has become the latest victim of jessica lal murder case

manish said...

connect-the movie No One Killed Jessica
pic1: Logo of TOI....the director claimed that the movie is inspired by a story in TOI
pic2:Manu Sharma....the prime accu
pic3:perhaps Amit director of the movie

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