Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Credits for this brilliant connect koschen: Sneha Lakshmi Roy .You too have a koschen?Go ahead.Send your koschens to


miami_maiden said...

hi tym for a hint????
answer to all questions of the world...
connect wid d images the abv number!

miami_maiden said...

ans :the no 42!!
the first picture depicts the ancient anno domini calender...which
starts frn that no,..
the second pic depicts the game of dominos (the standard double game
played using two sets of 21 dominoes each)
(unrelated info: incidentally, dominoes too derives its name from he
anno "domini" way or representing dates (as small quantas of
ccubes)...domini meaning "lord")
the third pic...bill clinton was the 42nd presdient of us...
the fourth pic is the logo of the company "42 entertainment" which
makes alternative reality games...
the fifth pic is of a rainbow which characterstically is shown as
tilted to an angle of 42 degrees...which is its critical angle of

its decimal counterpart repeats itselfwihin periods of 42 digits..(1/49_)

Vrudijones said...

i have the perfect response for this question: Bawaal!
Great connection with Clinton and Dominoes...

Atticus Finch said...

Have to agree with PK & Vrudi, this is a brilliant question!
Good work Sneha!

miami_maiden said...

thnk u thnk u :):)

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