Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gaming Quiz #2 'I am in your X, Ying your Z'

1. In his original avatar, he is a carpenter. In other versions he is depicted to be a plumber, a doctor, an archaeologist and the president of a profitable toy-making company. In different versions, he has rescued Princess Peach(the most famous), Pauline and Princess Daisy. Who are we talking about? (5)

2. In January 2011, Shannon Johnson confessed she was playing X while she left her one-year old son unattended while he drowned in his tub. X is a facebook game developed by Y, which was founded by Mark Pincus in 2007 and was named after his bulldog.
Identify X & Y. (10)
3. In 2009, this was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, 20 years after its release. It came prebundled with Tetris and its other launch releases included Alleyway & Super Mario Land among others.
What are we talking about? (5)
4. Recently, Iwatani described the nature of the enemies in more detail at the 2011 Game Developers Conference. The Red one chases _____, the Pink and Blue ones try to position themselves in front of ______'s mouth. The Orange one's nature is more haphazard. While it chases ______, it also tries to position itself in the lower left corner while ______ is facing a certain direction. 
Fill in the blank to get the answer. (10)
5. ID the logo and name the most famous product. (10)


Shaurya said...

1. Mario

2. X = Cafe World
Y = Zynga

3. Gameboy

4. Pac-Man (all the blanks)

5. Logo -- Rovio franchise
Most Famous product -- Angry Birds

UT said...

2.X-Cafe World Y-Zynga
5.Rovio,Angry Birds

BigDaDDy said...

1. Mario
2. Farmville,Zynga
3. Nintendo Game Boy
4. Pacman

BigDaDDy said...

1. Mario
2. Farmville,Zynga
3. Nintendo Game Boy
4. Pacman

Vishesh said...

1. Mario
2. X = CafeWorld
Y = Zynga
3. GameBoy
4. Pac-Man !!
5. Rovio and Angry Birds

@SRamOS said...

1.Super Mario
2.x=café world y= zynga boy
5.Rovio………..angry birds

the $trideR said...

2-cafe world, zynga
3-nintendo gameboy
5-rovio,angry bird

AgentProvocateur said...

Seems everyone got it. Looks like we are going too easy on you guys. :)

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