Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Culture Cuppa DAILY TRIVIA #610

1) Who is this old lady?

2) She has an eponymous movie. What you see is a self portrait of hers.

3)Power Couple

4) One of the wittiest writers who once remarked, " Waste paper basket is a writer's best friend"


menezes said...

1.) Mary Margaret Kaye, a british writer
2.)Frida Kahlo
3.) Annapurna Devi and Rooshikumar Pandya
4.)Isaac Bashevis Singer

VK Handa said...


2.Frida Kahlo

3.Annapurna Devi & Ravi Shankar

4.Isaac Bashevis Singer

Akanksha Singh said...

2.Frida Kahlo
3.Annapurna devi,Ravi Shankar
4.Issac Bashevis Singer

@SRamOS said...

1. Mary Margaret Kaye
2. Frida Kahlo
3.rooshikumar pandya, annapurna devi
4.issac bashevis singer

@SRamOS said...

1. Mary margaret kaye
2.Frida kahlo
3.rooshikumar pandya ,annapurna devi
4.Isaac Bashevis Singer

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