Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SS #20: The Final One

Each correct answer gives you 4 points. If you answer all correctly you get an additional 20 points.

1. Connect the following without any worries.

2. Identify this power couple (In)Famous only in certain circles.

3. Connect to an actor.

4. Identify the batsman.

5. Where would you find these "works of art"?

6. What is unique about this?

7. Connect them to something they often do in their movies.

8. Identify X 

Between 1990 and 2002, the ministry said, there were 1,935 reports of infants being injured using the X. It was determined that young children “do not have the necessary skills, reflexes or cognitive abilities to safely make use of the product”. The most common accident occurs when babies fall down stairs. The ban prohibits retailers from selling, advertising or importing X. Canada is the only country so far to ban X.

9. What is being depicted here?

10. Identify both the batsman and the bowler.

India vs. West Indies, 4th Test, 2002 series

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