Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mahindra Auto Quotient 2010 Mash Up

Mahindra Auto Quotient concluded here, with an unexpectedly huge participation. Quizmaster Dyu surprisingly rapped up the entire show quite quickly. Lots of audience prizes too...
The 4 stage teams were all from BIT Mesra, with Sidharth Malik and James Jim (Team Scorpio) winning the  quiz by a staggering lead of 600 points!
'Twas a proud day for QBIT!!

So, here are the questions of the prelims that I managed to remember. I'll post the stage round questions the next day. So, keep visiting QBIT.

1. Logo of car company displayed at US Open 2010?
2. Which car is advertised as the no-nonsense car?
3. Which automotive company has created the "Dream Job In India"?
4. For a 3-box design in a car, the principle volumes of the car are separated into 3 compartments. Name them.
5. Which company developed the E Locker and M Locker differentials?
6. Which F1 champion recently visited Chennai as a promotional campaign?
7. If China and India are the two fastest growing car markets in the world, which European country comes third in the list?
8. This parameter was initially measured by an indicator, later by a De Prony Brake and lately by an engine dyanamometer. What are we talking about?
9. Which company's idea is "Clean Energy" ?
10. Jingle of Fiat Palio TV Advert.
11. Audio of the TV Advert of another car (I forgot)
12. Audio of Felipe Massa, after his accident.
13. Logo of a company, phased out in 2004.

14. What is the full form of RFT?
15. Which company's logo is an arrow with wings, signifying high productivity and high quality?
16. Photo of an "ancient" car with a boiler in the front. Identify.
17.  Identify this car. A japanese guy was standing next to the car in the photo in the quiz.

18. In which race did Shoya Tomizawa die recently?
19. Which Indian bike is advertised as the Muscleman?
20. In F1, what is the area called where after the race the cars are taken into, where no one is allowed entry other than race stewards?
21. Which car by small car by Maruti gives you 9 reasons to buy it?
22. Which bike is advertised as the Lord of the Streets?
23. Which MPV by Mercedes is scheduled for launch in India in November?
24. What is the name of the engine that is used in Nissan Micra and Renault Logan?
25. Which car was launched in India as the Entry Level Car?

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