Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Daily Trivia #408 DryHex

After a series of treasure hunt updates, Utsavius and I decided to do a little quizzing of our own. Frankly, we're a bit tired of connects at the moment. So, here is a set of 6 dry questions. Hope you like them.

  • In 1849, the future President Abraham Lincoln, received patent 6,469 , for inventing what?
  • Digital, Trends, Wellness, Footprint, Jewels, TimeOut and Autozone. What am I talking about?
  • ID the logo of an IT major.


  • Who said to about whom?
  • Tumbled out of life as he had tumbled through it"
  • What is the most famous product shipped out of the Mikoyan-and-Gurevich Design Bureau?
  • What does Sydney and Melbourne have in common with New Delhi, in the field of transportation?
Everyone got the answers, except the last one.
Anyway, what I was expecting was : 
1.  Manner of buoying vessels.
2. Reliance Retails Stores
3. Patni Computer Systems
4. Stanley Lane-Poole about Humayun
5. MiG Figher Jets
6. All the cities have T3 terminals at their airports. :)


Aadil said...

1.Device to lift boats over shoals
2.Reliance retail Stores
4.Lane-poole said about Humayun
5.MiG 21

Gourav said...

other than the 4th question i tried the rest.

1.manner of buoying vessels
2.reliance fresh

5.The MIG fighter aircrafts
6.metro light rail transit system

Kaushik said...

1. A Device for Buoying Vessels Over Shoals

2. Reliance Retail


4. Great Gatsby

5. MIG

6. Low Floor buses

daredevil said...

1.device to buoy vessels over shoals
2.Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) speciality formats
4.British orientalist Stanley Lane-Poole,describing the death of Humayun.
5.MiG aircraft
6.Busiest airports in the world.

Adityagi2K10 said...

1)Bouying Vessels over shoals.
2)Reliance Retail
4) No clue......:(
5)MIG aircrafts
6)the (in)famous BRT corridor....

Shashwat Goel said...

1)manner of buoying vessels
2)Reliance Retail stores
3)Patni Computers

Jatin said...

2. Reliance
3. Patni
5. MiG Aircrafts


Varun said...

1. manner of buoying of vessels
2.Reliance Industries
4.Gatsby abt Daisy
5. MIG aircrafts

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