Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daily Trivia #597 Divide et Impera

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Honey Ras said...

all border lines named after them??
mc mahon (india china)
cyril "radcliffe"

Nightstalker said...

Important Defense Lines :

Maginot Line : the defenses facing Germany.

Hindenburg Line : vast system of defences in northeastern France during World War I.

McMahon Line : It is the effective boundary between China and India.

Durand Line : long porous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Radcliffe Line : a boundary demarcation line between India and Pakistan upon the Partition of India.

Conquistador said...

All have international boundary lines named after them...

Anonymous said...

All these gentlemen have international boundaries named after them.
Mcmahon line
radcliffe line etc


Hippes_They're_Everywhere said...

Various boundaries between countries have been named after these people.

sadiya said...

Lines named after all of them.
1. Maginot Line(France, Germany, Italy)
2. Hindenburg Line(France, Germany)
3. McMahon Line(Tibet,India)
4. Duarnd Line (Pakistan, Afghanistan)
5. Radcliffe Line(India, Pakistan)

Raunak Srivastava said...

All these persons are related to the lines that demarcate international boundaries:
1.André Maginot- Maginot line:A line of fortification erected by France on her eastern border in order to defend herself against German attack.
2.Paul von Hindenburg- Hindenburg line:fortification built by German Army near the Franco Belgium border.
3.Henry McMahon: McMohan line b/w India and Tibet
4.Mortimer Durand- Durand line b/w Pakistan and Afghanistan
5.Cyril Radcliffe- Radcliffe line b/w India and Pakistan

Prashant Gupta said...

All of them have international boundaries named after them.

jaihind1989 said...

1. Maginot - Maginot Line
2. Hindenburg - Hindenburg Line
3. McMohan - McMohan Line
4. Mortimer Durand - Durand Line
5. Radcliffe - Radcliffe Line

different international boundaries.

@SRamOS said...

Lines named on them.
Maginot Line
Hindenburg Line
macmohan line
radcliffe line.

hermioni grangr said...

al of them had international boundary lines named after them

Anonymous said...

all have international boundary lines named after them

waquar said...

international boundary lines named after theses ppl

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