Friday, June 21, 2013

#23 Its in the game !

Connect (4/5)


Dipesh Gogia said...

Football Skills/Tricks named after famous Football players

Mayank Sinha said...

Tricks in football
The panenka, the Roulette ,etc
The Signature moves

Hippes_They're_Everywhere said...

Football Moves.

La Cuauhtemina
Panenka Penalty
Cruyff Turn

Conquistador said...

All are football tricks named after players
1. Cuauhtemina or Blanco Trick
2. Zidane Spin or Roulette
3. Panenka penalty
4. Cruyff turn

Vishesh Shrivastava said...

Answer : Football maneuvers named after players.

Cuauhtemina (Cuauhtemoc Blanco)
360 Spin/Roulette/ Zidane spin
Panenka penalty (Antonin Panenka)
Cruyff turn (Johann Cryuff)

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