Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DT#615 Ring Of Fire

X as a youth never dreamed of becoming a boxer and was discovered by accident. As a teen he was working at a hat factory on a steamy day when his boss, the factory owner, agreed to X's request to work shirtless. When the owner, a former amateur boxer, noticed his frame he took X to trainer Z's gym.

X and Y's third fight at Madison Square Garden. In the sixth round Y nearly knocked out X with a multi punch combination but X was saved by the bell.
After the round his trainer Z got into his face and told him "when you go inside I want you to keep punching until Y holds you or the referee breaks you! But you keep punching until he does that!". In round 12 X knocked Y unconscious yet Y stood, still propped up against the ropes while X struck Y repeatedly over the next several seconds before referee stopped the fight. Y never regained consciousness, and he died ten days later.

ID X, Y, Z.


ali said...

emile alphonse griffith.


X-Emile Griffith
Y-Benny Paret
Z-Gil Clancy

The Mechanic said...

X = Emile Griffith

Y = Benny Paret

Z = Gil Clancy

Sourabh Bhagat said...

Correct Answer.
X = Emile Griffith

Y = Benny Paret

Z = Gil Clancy

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