Monday, December 9, 2013

Daily Trivia #627

A) The first attempt on X's life was made when a grenade was hurled at his car. The bomb, however exploded under the car behind his car. X continued on his business, gave the speech he was supposed to give and then wanted to check on the victims of the bomb blast. On X's return journey, there was some confusion among the drivers, which led to his motorcade being stalled at one point.

Y (who was among the conspirators of the earlier botched assassination attempt) , was sitting at a cafe across the street, grabbed this opportunity and shot X.

Who were X and Y ? What did this assassination lead to ?

B) Connect : (current affairs) --


Rohit Chakraborty said...

1)the assassination of archduke ferdinand,don't know the name of who did it,i guess WW1 started because of this.
2)the recent mars rover 'jade rabbit'

Rohit Chakraborty said...

1)the assassination of archduke ferdinand,don't know who did it,it led to WW1
2)the recent mars rover by china 'jade rabbit'

Kmln said...

x = Franz Ferdinand
y = Gavrilo Princip
jade rabbit: china's moon rover.

Varun said...

1. X - Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Y - Princip
The first world war

2. Confucius

jaihind1989 said...

1. X= Archduke Ferdinand, Y = Gavrilo Princip. WW1.
2. Chang'e ?

VK Handa said...

B) Connect- China(Pic 1) launched its Chang'e-3 lunar lander, with the Jade Rabbit Moon(Pic 2) Rover on board.

ali said...

1 -X-Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
Y-Gavrilo Princip.
2- China's latest Lunar landing to Moon known as 'Yutu' - means Jade Rabbit.

Stormbringer said...

Answers :

A) X = Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Y = Gavrilo Princip

B) China's recently launched lunar rover, which was named Yutu in accordance with the rabbit in the moon myth.

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