Thursday, June 5, 2014

SS #7: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

DR- 3/5

Connect the following.


Samyak Bahuguna said...

1.edwin hubble at mount edwin observatory
2.calcutta riots 1946
3.gandhi with charkha
4.bychenwald concentration camp survivors

photos by Margaret Bourke-White for LIFE magazine

Prashant Gupta said...

All the photographs are taken by Margaret- Bourke White

Shobhit Narain said...

Margaret Bourke-White
(photographer of these 4 photographs)

Queen of Random said...

Photographs by Margaret Bourke White for LIFE magazine.

Apoorv Kumar said...

Edwin Hubble, Buchenwald camp, Gandhi, India-Pakistan '47 riots - Photographs by MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE.

Conquistador said...

The correct answer is-
Margaret Bourke-White

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