Saturday, June 14, 2014

SS #11: Swadeshi

DR- 4/5

Connect A-E.

A-The name of this structure in Turkish 

B-The name of this gemstone in Hindi 

C-The name that has been blanked out 

D-The name of this famous diamond

E-The story behind this phrase 


Queen of Random said...


Queen of Random said...

In particular, Tata Oil Mills (Tomco).

Shobhit Narain said...

A - Hamam
B - Moti
C - Lakme (initially TOMCO sub)
D - Le Sancy
E - TOMCO (merged with HUL)
Connect Hindustan Unilever (A-D are HUL products)

Apoorv Kumar said...

A - Hamaam (Turkish Bath)
B - Moti
C - Lakme (Play)
D - Sancy Diamond
E - OK detergent

CONNECT - All Soap/Detergent brands owned by Hindustan Unilever (at some point), some initiated by Tata Oil Mills Co. Ltd.

VK Handa said...


Connect-Hindustan Lever Brands.

Conquistador said...

The correct answer is:-
A- Hamam
B- Moti
C- Lakme
D- Le Sancy
E- OK Soap
The connect between them is that they were all Tata Oil Mills Co. (TOMCO) brands that were later acquired by Hindustan Unilever

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