Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DT #639: Maths

1. What does this manuscript depict the first usage of?

2. X is Latin for "link" or "chain" and is roughly indicative for some of the uses of the symbol. X is a symbol widely used in mathematical operations in conjunction with other symbols, although by itself it is quite obscure. Some of the places where X is used is representation of fractions, square root operations, grouping of expressions etc. Identify X.


abhi kumar said...

2. implies sign =>

abhi kumar said...

1. multiplication symbol

Mohsin Mustafa said...

2. Viniculum?

Conquistador said...

Correct Answer:-
1. The page is from a book by Johannes Widmann and depicts the first usage of plus (+) and minus (-) signs.
2. X= Vinculum
The horizontal straight line in a square root symbol and the horizontal line between the numerator and denominator in fractions is a vinculum.

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