Thursday, June 25, 2015

SS #4 - 7 Billion Weak

Difficulty - 3.5/5

Note: Do read the 'How to Play' and 'Caution' sections on the Summer Slam page before attempting to answer the question.


Swapna Kuruganty said...

IRON FIST CAMPAIGN -held in Guangdong, China
Sanjay Gandhi- Forced Sterilization during Emergency Period
Inferno- The virus that makes people infertile,foced sterilization.

Girish Srinivasan said...

emergency of india

Ankitha Gali said...

mass sterilization campaign superheaded by Sanjay Gandhi during 1975-77 emergency

Hitchhiker said...

Compulsory Sterilization

Interrobang said...

Explained by Swapna Kuruganty - China's Iron Fist campaign, Sanjay Gandhi, and Inferno.

The connect is Compulsory Sterilization. No points for the Emergency unfortunately.

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