1.    This is an individual event, with free registration. 
  2.    Qriosity will be conducted on Q-BIT, a quizzing platform, powered by our partner club, UNESQUO.
  3.    The quiz will be conducted in 7 rounds, each round being uploaded on Q-BIT and shall be open for responses till 24 hours from the time of upload.
  4.    Dear ‘Qrious’ colleagues…be alert and vigilant for the new rounds to display your intellectual prowess… 
  5.    Each thirst quenching, intellectually challenging and yet surprisingly refreshing round shall consist of 3 parts:
(a) Part 1: General- Common questions testing the aptitude and awareness of the participant
(b) Part 2: Single Word/Line- Short questions, testing the basic knowledge, most commonly asked as starters in an interview
(c)  Part 3: The Long Ones- For the true challengers…who want to test their mettle, and take it a Step further…..Answer in 3-4 lines….Remember: Short and Precise wins the Contest…(poor plagiarizing attempt…we don’t want to be good at it either J)
  6.    INQUISITIVENESS is going to RULE ;-) from 16th June to 28th June, 2017.
  7.    The organizer’s decision shall be binding in cases of any disputes and discrepancies, but u already know that….#collegediaries :-P

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