Debjit Roy aka DJ aka Bongali is a final year ECE student of BIT Mesra, Ranchi. A fervent and voracious quizzer, his name itself recounts a trivia as he shares his birthday with the auteur filmmaker Satyajit Ray! So it ain't no abruptness if he is an avid music lover, a sport enthusiast and a film junkie. Can beat the hell out of anyone on a Beatles discussion. Is really famous for easy treats being culled out of him. He is the abstract-windbag half of the college pride strategically called "Mesra Ke Bhokaali Nawaabs". Has been quizzing since he could gather his senses, and looks forward to do it till he loses them (which he does rather frequently anyway).

Pranshumaan aka AgentProvocateur is also a final year ECE student of BIT  Mesra, Ranchi. One of the greatest if not the most mammoth quizzing brains of the college, he is the cool geek, the "wise_guy" headstrong half of the greatest quiz team of the college, the cardinal "Mesra ke Bhokaali Nawaabs". Placed with his quizzing soul-sister in Verizon, he expects to take Q-BIT to unprecedented heights in the professional quizzing front too. A covetous reader of one of the greatest literary works of all time, including Marquez, Naipaul, Cervantes and Maupassant. Possesses a knowing-prowess in almost everything under the sun and has an advanced qualification in speaking fluent sarcasm. Other notable superpowers include solving a 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube, touching his nose with his tongue and sneezing with eyes open.

Abhishek aka Sangam is a final year Civil Engineering student of BIT Mesra, Ranchi. Interestingly, he caters to the rare combination of mythology, Bolly-Holly-wood, music and anarchical decipherence of lateral quizzing to Q-BIT. Has finished watching every single TV-series the college LAN  has to offer him and remains constantly on the prowl for more. Is an ardent pujari and thus renders the oxymoronic nature of a "god-fearing engineer & quizzer" moot. A seldom stumbled-upon teacher's pet front-benched quizzer and tweeter, Sangam is also a great fan of major-league erudite works, Harry Potter being an obvious favorite! Being the excellent guitar, ukulele (:D) and synth player, a fantastic writer, awesome painter and a ravenous quizzer that he is, Sangam is the silent hunter of Q-BIT!! And while you were reading this, Sangam finished another season of Game of Thrones, learnt how to play Banjo and designed yet another kick-ass opening sequence for an in-house quiz. Take that!

Raikom Terang aka Kela is a final year student of ECE of BIT Mesra and a distant nephew of DJ, both facts that he regrets. What he does not, however, is that he is a pro quizzer, an ace guitarist and a brilliant footballer. You name it and he's been there, done that. A music and sports fanatic, he has been quizzing since his school days and has won a lot of awards (and a lot of moolah). His hobbies include posing for photographs (as you can see here) and sleeping.

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