Sidharth Malik aka Cryogenic Sid is a third year student of Mechanical Engineering who took up quizzing after coming to college. A self confessed petrolhead and technophile he has little interest in other areas. Quizzing gives him an opportunity to test his knowledge and work things out. His other activities include watching Top Gear in a loop and sleeping.

Vrashank Jain aka Vrudijones is a pre-final year CSE student who loves watching animated movies and watches them till he memorizes the dialogues. He has even done a course in Animated Dubbing! Pretty much all the free time he gets is spent in designing on Photoshop and reading blogs. Wishes he can have a projector screen that only displays Wikipedia and a home-theatre system that only plays Porcupine Tree! Owes his entire love for quizzing to QBIT!

Gautham Harinarayan aka GH aka Gman is a third year ECE student at BIT Mesra. Curious about all things underneath the sun, he took up quizzing late into his first year in college. He epitomizes the word movie-buff to the core, and is the one people turn to for movie suggestions. His other interests include technology and world history. Quizzing appeals to him since it gives him a chance to compete with others and also earn a bit of pocket money on the side. ;-)

Gulshan Prakash is a third year Electronics and Communication Engineering student from BIT Mesra, Ranchi. His other interests include Playing Chess, Soccer, Reading authentic stuff, Listening to music.As for quizzing domains he prefers Sports, Automobiles, Tech..

Utsav Raghuvanshi aka cRe8r is a third year Electronics and Electical Engineering student from BIT Mesra, Ranchi. He didnt go about quizzing till he discovered QBIT. Ever since the 1st Gen left, he has taken over beautifully...responsible for changing the look and feel of the blog, as well as Daily Trivia. A die-hard fan of Ninja Robots and Ice Tea! Always there to lend a helping hand to anyone, anytime! Utsav has probably seen every show on TV there is to see. Favourite pastime? Wikipedia and Logo blogs!

S. Ramamurthy (not to be confused with the 'Heroes' actor by the same name) aka Vulcan aka GreatWhiteShark is a 3rd year Mechanical Engg student of BIT Mesra, Ranchi. He usually is a very secretive guy, but in view of public interest has agreed to reveal 3 hitherto unknown facts about himself:
1>He is an outdoors person & adventure sports enthusiast. He is also training to be a professional mountain climber
2>He has over 1200 friends in Facebook and spends most of his free time on it
3>He is best buddies with Professors and can often be found on weekends sharing jokes over cups of chai with them at Sharma Dhaba

Ayas Ranjan aka d@rkl0rd aka sAmAriTaN is a senior IT under graduate from BIT, Mesra who has been quizzing since high school. He's very passionate about Harry Potter & DotA. Also a very big fan of TV series(authored a list of series in imdb which has over 8 lakh views). Loves to listen Led Zeppelin,Pink Floyd, read classic  novels like catch-22, catcher in the rye and surfing.

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