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Sneha Lakshmi Roy aka SLR is a final year Civil engineering student at BIT Mesra.  A Harry Potter monomaniac she is also a prolific writer ,guilty of quill-ing  many gripping quiz reviews ,countless love-sonnets and enigmatic FB stauses which only the elite few decipher. Famous for her love for Vastu-shastra ,she has recently shifted her interest base to Wasseypur. She will be slogging it out at Sapient.

Aditya Tyagi aka Iceman aka Skipper is a final year ECE student at BIT Mesra and the better half of Stay Frosty. A hardcore quizzing afficionado he spends most of his time picking the Star-Wars/GoT trivia to death. A 'visionary', he may be easily mistaken for either Superman or Lex Luthor. Continuously immersed in 'the echoes of a distant time' his life philosophies are drawn largely from Calvin & Hobbes and Jediism. His other passions include wars,high-fantasy, politics, history and riding the 'green submarine'. Oh, and he is largely responsible for getting Rico banned from Khalsa.#stayfrosty
He'll continue 'chilling' for a long time in Tata Steel, Jamshedpur.

Mrinal Ranjan aka Maximus aka Frooti is a final year student of ECE , BIT Mesra ,a distant relative of  Bugs Bunny and  head-chef ,los pollos hermanos. A dedicated quizzer, he is famous for his xkcd-esque humour which even the geekiest in qbit find hard to comprehend (and that is saying something).His DC account has been a solace to so many in the cold hard nights of Mesra . An avid fan of anime he divides his remaining time equally between Quora and Korra. Other hobbies include pretending to be 'Indian Jones' and losing spectacularly in AOE.He is now placed at SAP labs, Bangalore.

Ketan Vatsalya aka Rico aka Baksa is a final year EEE student at BIT Mesra. He has an insatiable hunger for random trivia and has a diverse field of interests including fantasy, tv, movies, music, mythology, anime, pole vaulting and god knows what else.An exceptionally creative guy who is solely responsible for all the posters, funky round names and the new design of the blog. Other than winning numerous quizzes his achievements include promptly forgetting all the parties he goes to, a trending hastag based on his name and activities, having a record number of nicknames given to him and being the only guy to have ever been banned from Khalsa.#stayfrosty.
He'll now enjoy his solitary nights working for MuSigma Inc., Bangalore.

Archit Singh 

                                                                                      Pratik Mishra aka Mario


Sourabh Bhagat

Waquar Ahmad
 Vishesh Shrivastava

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