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Ashwyn Chandrashekar aka anna aka ladiezz magnet aka osiris is a final year civil engineering student. He took up quizzing as a hobby as his friends told him in 9th standard that he is no good at cricket and is better off at home reading Femina and Women's era from where he sources most of his knowledge presently. His lousy arse attitude towards quizzing is evident in the frequency of his posts to this blog. "when everything else fails, guess" is a school of thought propounded by this dude. The only deserving credit to his name is coming up with award winning team names for quizzes.

He is presently slogging it out @ Indian Army.

Prabhakar Kumar aka PK aka TaRqUiN aka Ignoramus Scribbler is a final year Electrical Engg. student.As the name suggests he holds the belief that he knows little about this world & this is what stimulates him to search for knowledge from every nook & corner about anything under the sun.Quizzing serves as a power booster for him & he especially loves the research that goes in coming up with a question which gives him more pleasure than answering them.
His other driving forces are RAHMAN,DRAVID,music, movies, plagiarism,web mining,ads,....

He is presently slogging at IIM Kohzikode.

Sneha Ranjan aka Shrill is a final year Mechanical Engineering student,who can spend hours watching a movie because she is too fidgety and cannot sit at a place for long.Same is the case with her interests.They range widely-whatever she can put her hands on.
She has always been interested in quizzing and importantly reading and learning,believes in aquiring and seeking knowledge of any kind and putting it into use in ones daily life.She also seriously believes quizzing should not become an OCD.For her quizzing is more of a hobby.Proud of sharing her birthday with Salvador Dali and Richard Feynman. She believes in Mark Twain's words "Explore,Dream and Discover"
She is currently working at Tata Steel.

Tanmay Agarwal aka Leonidas is a final year Computer Science and Engineering student.He has always been intrigued by quizzing since his school days, and it has been one of his passions ever since.The quick thinking ,team work and street smartness that quizzing involves gives him a high like no other.He has been in charge of tinkering with blog and keeping it up to date.
His other interests include travelling,astronomy and foreign diplomacy.

He is currently a Strategy Consultant at Deloitte.

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