Thursday, June 30, 2011

QFW - 1 : Devil Wears Kolhapuri

Starting today, we present a 4-post series of posts on Fashion! Each post will have 5 questions like this one. Each question's points are given next to it. I'll maintain a scoreboard for this one. Get cracking guys!

PS: With Google's reverse image search all the more powerful than Tineye now, I hope you wont ruin the feeling and not reverse search these images. 

1.  See image. Which famous former first lady inspired these sunglasses? [ 10 Points]

2. Identify the shoe brand. The color says it all. [10 Points]

3.  He featured in Boom in 2003 and True West in 2002. He also played a cameo in Fashion. ID this gay fashion designer, who is based out of Colvale, Goa. [5 points]

4.  Connect these hitherto unknown geniuses. [15 points]

5. There is something bizarre in terms of clothing in this image. This clothing company uses this concept to sell its products and has turned into a $40 million company! Id this brand. [20 Points]


Ashmita said...

1. Jacqueline Kennedy. Jackie O glasses.

2. Christian Louboutin.

3. Wendell Rodricks.

4. Sunsilk Gang of Experts.

5. No clue. At all.

hello said...

1.Hillary clinton
3.Wendell Rodricks

hello said...

1.Hillary Clinton
3.Wendell Rodricks

asad said...

1.Jacqueline Kennedy...
3.Rohit Bal...

Saket Kumar said...

1.Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
2.Christian Louboutin
3.Wendell Rodricks


Saket Kumar said...

4.Sunsilk Co-Creation collaboration,

Jamal Hammadi for Black Shine, Teddy Charles for Plumped Up Volume, Ouidad for Defined Curls and Yuko Yamashita - inventor of Japanese hair straightening process 'YUKO' - for Perfect Straight.

hello said...

hilary clinton,burberry,Wendell Rodricks,q4 n 5 not solved yet!!

abhishek said...

1. jacki O rectangular sunglasses : Jacqueline Kennedy

2.Louboutin ( Christian Louboutin )

3. Rohit Bal

4. Hair stylists associated with Sunsilk.

Each hair “issue" variant links to an "expert” with the relevant specialist hair knowledge.
Jamal Hammadi for Black Shine
Teddy Charles for Plumped Up Volume
Ouidad for Defined Curls
Yuko Yamashita - 'YUKO' - for Perfect Straight.

5.Little Miss Matched Inc.

Saket Kumar said...


Vishesh said...

1. Jackie Kennedy
2. Christian Louboutin
3. Wendell Rodricks
4.a.Yuko - made the the hair strightening technique named after her.
d. Jamal Hammadi

V3N|>ett^ said...

2.christain lombourdin
3.wendell rodricks
5.little miss matched

the $trideR said...

1-jackie kennedy
2-christian louboutin
3-wendell rodricks
4-all hav collaborated with sunsilk co creations

btw awesome title...

DJ said...

1.Jackie Onassis
2.christian louboutin
3.Wendell rodricks
4.sunsilk co creations experts
5.little miss matched

Vishesh said...

What is the correct answer for the fifth question ??

Vrudijones said...

@vishesh Answer for 5th is Little Miss Matched. see their website. I think rest of the answers are evident from the comments. Well done guys! As a personal request, could you please share the link to these posts on your wall? It'd do some good to the club and the competition. :)

arcallender said...

1.Jacqueline Kennedy
3.wendell rodricks
4.appear as a team of hair expert from sunsilk cocreations

    Random Posts...!!!