Saturday, July 2, 2011

QFW - 2: Connecticut

Post 1 was exciting with 60 points...this one has 75. So, those who missed the last one can still catch up.  Instead of 1, this one has 3 visual connects, thats why the post's name is Connecticut. The scoreboard is up and full of steam. Keep it running!

1. Connect these brands. [20 points]

2. Connect these celebrities. Think laterally. [10 points]

3. Simple one. Id the red substance. [5 points]

4. Connect these seemingly unrelated images. [30 points]

5. Initially gaining popularity during the Great Depression due to efficiency and elegance, its reign grew as technicolour filmakers starting gorwing more dependent on them. Even though the American Vogue is said to be the birthplace of this, it was Audrey Hepburn who made it a wardrobe essential. What are we talking about? [10 points]


  1. 1. Clothing brands based in Hong Kong.
    ( Companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. )

    2.all three of them are known by name 'COCO'.

    3.Alta (mahawar)

    4.Types of Skirt
    ( scooter skirt , pencil skirt , hobble skirt < coke bottle shaped > , broomstick skirt , mini skirt < mini cooper > )

    5.Little Black Dress ( LBD )

  2. 1.Clothing/textile brands all having their headquarters in Hong Kong.

    2.Nicole Natalie Austin, commonly known as "Coco" Marie, "Coco"-T, and "Coco". As a small child, her brother would mispronounce her name, saying "Cole Cole" or "Co-co" in place of "Nicole". Eventually family also began addressing Nicole as "Coco";

    Colbie Marie Caillat is an American pop singer-songwriter and guitarist from Malibu, California. She debuted in 2007 with the album "Coco";

    Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel was a pioneering French fashion designer. She was the founder of one of the most famous fashion brands, Chanel.
    So "COCO" is the required connect.

    3.Alta or Mahawar,a red dye.Traditionally Alta was made from beetles, but now it’s made from artificial colors.

    4.yet to solve

    5.The "Little black dress"

  3. 1-clothes manufacturing company
    2-the connect is coco..
    5-little black dress

  4. 1. Companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
    2. All are also known as Coco
    4. alta
    5. little black dress

  5. For QFW 2 Connecticut
    1.Hongkong based clothing brand
    2. chanel
    3. alta
    4. youtube
    5.little black dress

  6. for question number 4
    all those are types of skirts...

    how are guys supposed to get that... this is more biased towards females.. :(

  7. 1.hong kong based companies(headquarters in HK)
    2. iceT's wife coco, colbie's debut album coco,gabriel chanel aka coco
    so the connect is COCO
    4.moustache(wild guess)[ pencil broom coke and vespa mustache]
    5.little black dress

  8. 1.) far east company logos...based in hong kong, taiwan china...
    first is the rapper's icet's wife coco, the second colbie caillat who grew famous after one of her songs coco and th third is "coco" chanel...founder of the famous brand chanel...
    3.) alta
    4.)no idea
    5.)short black dress which became famos after the great dep[ression due to its low manufacturing cost and it was ater audrey hepburn's many flings with the dress' different versions tjat she qore in breakfast at tiffany's that th brand became a common wardrobe entity...

  9. 1. Headquartered in Hong Kong
    2. A. Nicole Austin – commonly known as Coco Marie
    b. Colbie marie Caillat- debuted with Coco
    c. Coco Chanel
    3. Alta
    5. Little Black dress

  10. 1. Hong Kong.

    2. 'Coco', Nicole Coco Smith, Colbie Caillat's Album 'Coco' and Coco Chanel.

    3. Alta

    4. Types of Skirts.

    5. The Little Black Dress - LBD.

  11. 1. All are apparel companies based out of Hong Kong.
    2. Coco-T
    Colbie Caillat's first album was named Coco
    Gabrielle Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel. So the connect is Coco.
    3. Alta or Mahawar
    4. All are types of skirts ?
    5. The Little Black Dress.

  12. 1. ASEAN market products Hong Kong
    3. mahawar
    5. trench coat


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