Friday, May 30, 2014

SS #5: The Crocodile Hunter Being Fashionable

Difficulty - 4/5

Series of questions each of which will lead to a part of the answer. When you answer them all, you shall get a certain personality in the world of Tech.


You will find such things invented in only one country. Name the country. 
(X = Name of Country)


X has its fair share of talent in the world of fashion design. Name the designer.
(Y = Name of Designer)

3. Find the link between Charles Darwin and the Crocodile Hunter. (Z = Link)

4. Now combine Y and Z to get the name of a certain product which only Y supplied to a certain P. (Lateral Connect)

5. P is the final answer.


Prashant Gupta said...

X = Japan
Y = Issey Miyake
Z = Harriet (the tortoise/turtle)
P = Steve Jobs (turtle neck sweaters designed by Issey Miyake)

Samyak Bahuguna said...

P-steve jobs

Apoorv Kumar said...

1. X- Japan
2. Y- Issey Miyake
3. Z- Harriet the old tortoise (passed on through generations)
4. Black turtle-necks worn by P.
5. P- Steve Paul Jobs!

Shobhit Narain said...

X - Japan
Y - Issey Miyake
Z - Tortoise (should be turtle though)
P - Steve Jobs

achalnorris said...

P is Steve Jobs. The product is turtlenecks.

Queen of Random said...

X - Japan
Y - Issey Miyake
Z - Harriet, the Tortoise

Turtlenecks supplied to:
P - Steve Jobs

VK Handa said...


Connect-Steve Jobs

2.Issey Miyake.
3.Steve Irwin.
5.Steve Jobs.

Nightstalker said...

The final answer:

X = Japan
Y = Issey Miyake
Z = Turtle (Tortoise to Turtle is the lateral connect)

Product = Turtlenecks
P = Steve Jobs

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