Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SS #4: Divine

Difficulty- 4/5

X= 12 As + 11 Bs + 8 Cs + 2 Ds

Identify X.

(A, B, C and D are all single words. Identify A, B, C and D from the image cryptically and connect them using the above equation to get X.)


Samyak Bahuguna said...

A- adtiya
b- rudra
c- vasu
d- ashwin
x- tridasha or 33 gods of indian pantheon
in mahabharat there were 33 gods(devas)

Shobhit Narain said...

Thirty three Gods or Tridasha (The Pantheon of Vedic Demigods)
12 Adityas + 11 Rudras + 8 Vasus + 2 Asvins

Prashant Gupta said...

X = Devtas
A = Adityas (12)
B = Rudras (11 forms of god Rudra)
C = Vasus (8)
D = Ashwins (Twins/2)

Queen of Random said...

A - Aditya
B - Rudra
C - Vasu
D - Ashvin

In Ramayana, the 33 children of sage Kashyapa.

Apoorv Kumar said...

X = 33 Gods
A = Aditya (AB Group)
B = Rudra (from HAL Rudra)
C = Vasu (the movie)
D = Ashwin (the cricketer)

Conquistador said...

The correct answer is-
A- Aditya
B- Rudra
C- Vasu
D- Ashwin
X- Together, they make up the Tridasha or the 33 Gods mentioned in the Rig Veda
Points will be given only for a correct X.

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