Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DAILY TRIVIA # 06---a tribute to TATA STEEL!!!

with TATA STEEL visiting BIT 4 interns & placement I thought of including it in trivia.so here it is .CONNECT these 4 pics with TATA STEEL for the answer . give d LOGIC 4 UR ANS also....go 4 it.
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  1. this question is my tribute to DADA SOURAV GANGULY in disguise.so the connect is sourav ganguly who along with 4 cricketers harry graham,john hampshire,andrew strauss and matt prior are the only 5 batsmen to score a ton on debut in test at the mecca lords.tata steel hint was there for sourav as he was an employee of tata steel and played for tata steel team.

  2. mastques tha bhai
    high 5 2 tarquin

  3. Yes the answer is the Dada- Sourav Ganguuly. The pics are of the players who scored a century on debut in their last tests. And of course he was an employee of Tata Steel

  4. hey!!
    i mentioned him in my interview too!


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