Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daily Trivia #10

Think Bollywood, and the song Kasto Maza Hai Le Lai maa....(pic on the top)....


  1. hi.......
    i guess this the same book sharmila tagore mother of saif ali khan was reading while sitting on the toy train whil shooting for the song mere sapno ki rani (aradhana).at least the author was same

  2. Mere Sapnon Ki Rani
    Song Sung by Rajesh Khanna to woo
    Sharmila Tagore (Saif's Mom)
    while she sits in the train reading Alistar Mclean's When Eight Bells Toll

  3. Hey, you give very little time for answering the questions Plzz give some more time

  4. The cover of Alistair MacLean novel features in the Bollywood classic film Aradhana, during the scene of the classic song "Mere Sapno Ki Rani"

    in the first pic. saif is in the same train tht was used in aradhana's song

  5. actually they show the comment of moderator only & they spills the bean. i know many would have given the correct ans before the first right answer was published.please either ask the co moderators not to give ans or moderate their comments too & publish the correct answers at same time please to make the quizzing more excitng..

  6. All got the funda correct....Kudos

  7. yeah i m tryin to wrk out the comments issue....pls bear with me fr sm more tyme


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