Monday, November 10, 2008


blog contributors are requested not to post the answers to questions in the comments page.....
only the questions on the blog.....

the blog owner is requested to kindly make the comments page moderated

ppl hu very sincerely do want to contribute trivia to the blog can contact-

ashwyn chandrashekar- osiris @dc++,
tanmay agarwal- leonidas @dc++,
prabhakar- TaRqUiN @dc++,


  1. tension nahi lene ka i have moderated the blog.but i don't understand the funda of contributors not answering to the trivia more line i wud like to add to your post is that ctrl+c ctrl+v from other blogs funda shud not be used by the contributors to post trivia on this blog.

  2. ok now i hav understood why contributors cannot shud be made mandatory for all the contributors


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