Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Back after a long break!!!Simply connect the other three pics with the gentleman in the second pic.Go 4 it....an easy one.


  1. thing thing to do with ZENER??
    the first one seems to be a characteristic curve of breakdown voltage??

  2. is it something associated with photocopying......matrix printers being used ........the man is the inventor of a xerox machine or something...tom and jerry scanned image

  3. @shrill- itna high funda electronics!!! and wats d connect wid other three pics.

  4. first pic is the xerox star - the first comp wid gui
    2nd one dnt kno
    3rd is matrix
    4th is the first(tom n jerry - they wr called jasper and mouse or sumthing) movie called puss gets the boot.

    all i can think is of a connect of mouse as in matrix movie, theres a character called mouse, the one who designs the sim with the lady in red dress.

    Any hints on this one?

  5. maverick gets it right,the connect is "mouse".
    1st image-xerox star first comp to come with a mouse.
    2nd image-the gentleman is douglas engelbart,the inventor of mouse.
    3rd image-this hint is for the character mouse in matrix.
    4th image-poster of puss gets the boot,first cartoon film of tom and jerry in which jerry was known as the mouse.

  6. @ignoramus!!
    dude whom are u expecting electronics answers from??
    the answer box was pretty empty so just filled it....

  7. Lolz @ shrill..

    So any otherof you guys for this years mood i??

    btw, this just inspired me to go and watch the Matrix again.... and I still love it as much as I did the first time.... Any more Matrix Questions, bring them on....


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