Friday, January 9, 2009

Daily Trivia # 38 - Fundae pelo!!!!

these questions are the reason why i personally love quizzing.....full-on bulls*itting,and funda paeling.Questions you have no clue about but still give a shot at answering it and who knows might even crack the answer to some.So here are some of the all time favourites-

1.Countries that experiennce predominantly cold climate(freezing temperatures) almost all round the year or for most part of the year report a higher consumption of water demand per capita as compared to other countries experiencing hotter climates all round the year.Why so??give fundaes.

2.After a lot of research it has been found out that ironically the no.1 reason for breakout of forest fires is water.How come\??

3.Theres a reason why people stick to the left side of the road while driving vehicles,Why??
(Quiz regulars must get this 1...)

4.Sometime around 2006,Airport gift shops at heathrow,London, , noticed that pencils were being increasingly re-ordered by newsstands.This sudden increase in sales of pencils was later attributed to a very specific reason.What?

5.If one observes carefully one may find that on shirts designed for men the buttons are on the
right side whereas the buttons for shirts designed for ladies have buttons on the left side.Why??

6.Before there were cuff-buttons on the shirt(the buttons you find at the end of the sleeve),there was elastic in place.Later they were replaced for a very specific reason.What??


  1. Just taking guesses where I don't knw the answers:
    1. Room heating systems in cold countries where water is heated and is sent along pipes of the rooms to keep the rooms hot.
    2. Forest fires are caused by friction between dry leaves and leaves turn dry due to transpiration of water. So we can put the blame on water for forest fires.
    3. Most cars were initially made where the steering was on the right hand side. The norm still follows in most countries thus the drivers stick to the left hand side of the road.
    4. Sudoku Fever
    5. This again has historical reasons. Initially when shirts were made with buttons on it, only rich men and women used to wear it. Men used to dress themselves while women had maids to help themselves. Since most of the people were right handed and thus to facilitate them, the designs were kept so. It has remained unchanged.
    6. Elastics used to get loose with usage and would thus make the shirt inappropriate for use anymore. Thus they were removed.

  2. 4. sudoku in newspapers maybe??
    5. Women in colonial times had attendants who dressed them. Hence the shirts were designed so as to be buttoned by another person, so they were on the opposite side.

  3. 3. The old funda dating back to the time when chariot and horse riders used to ride on left side so as leaving your right hand(sword bearing arm) free to defend yourself, while holding the reins in the left hand??

  4. so u got the standard ones....rack your brains over the other 3....let me add,they are very very workable.

  5. so here are the answers...some of u got half of em right...others got close to some....the rest was what these questions were supposd to get as answers....pure bulls*

    1.what happen in cold countries is that,the household taps are left open 24/7 so as to not let let the water freeze in the pipes,hence leading to an increased per capita consumption of water.

    2.the water drops,act as little magnifying glasses which concentrate the sunlight to one point ,and causing the fire.The fire spreads beacuse of friction between the leaves.This question always gets nice answers in terms of creativity from engineers especially with them goin on about latent heat of evaporation or some shit like that.

    3.english noblemen and knights were right-handed sword wielding dudes,so it was comfartable that they stuck to the right side of the road to steer the horse with their left arm and fight the enemey approaching from the opposite side with their right hand.

    4.sudoku craze

    5.coz maids used to dress the ladies up.

    6.little school boys back then gave their mummies problem by wiping their mucus on the cuffs of their shirt.So the ladies thought of an ingenious way to stop this by stitching cuff buttons in place of elastic so evrytime they wipe dirty stuff on their sleeves they hurt their nose and as we all know english winters magnify even the littlest pain.(daag achche hote hain)


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