Friday, February 6, 2009

Quizakalli : QBIT Ne Bana Di 50

TEAM Q-BIT Mesra presents Quizakalli : QBIT Ne Bana Di 50
We thank all the quizzers who sent in their answers to Quizakalli.We all appreciate it a lot.Happy Quizzing.Chk out the leaderboard alongside

1. Simply connect

2. Trace Route anyone ?

3. Identify
4. A jumbled Jumbo ?
5. A Letdown.. ?
6. Whos the next in this list ?
7.My first album was named after my father while my second album was named after my mother. Who am I??

8. Put fundaes....

9. Fill in the blanks...
10 . Invitation card for which movie ?Answers:-
1. The connect is 50. ( 50 states in usa,batsman holding up his bat for his 50 and 50 cents.) Well,this was dedicated to our 50th post celebration.
2. Route for Google Bus in India.
4. An ad for Scrabble.
5. The 10$ laptop (is it a laptop?) launched by much fanfare by Arjun Singh in Tirupati recently.
6. Yuki Bhmabri joins the list of Ramnathan Krishnan,Ramesh Krishnan and Leander Paes ,the junior Grand Slam titles winners from India.
7. M.I.A (Maya Arulpragasam).Her first album was Arular while the second one was Kala.
8. Planet Hollywood restaurant chains.( Sylvester StalloneBruce Willis,Demi Moore, and Arnold Schwarzenegger co-owned it.)
9.Absolut Mourning.(u can see the shroud in the pic.)
10. Dev D.


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  2. Leaderboard:
    2.Pramoth Jayavelan-5.
    3.Vinod Hariharan-4.
    4.Miraj Vora-4.
    Thanks to all of you and keep supporting us with ur comments,questions.
    Congrats Shrill for topping the list.


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