Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tubelights,Incadescent Bulbs,Mobile light,Floodlights... what next ?

Q- BIT conducted the Second edition of Q-Mess,last week.Reimplenting our mess format of quizzing,wherein quizzes are conducted in the hostel mess. We had two events as part of this event.
Rise of 'IQ'ons General Quiz and Lagaan Cricket Quiz.
For us the organizers, it was a fab experience.
DAY 1 :
The Core team dispersed to the hostels.Just when we were about to start in Prelims in one of the junior hostels.. there was a power failure.As luck would have it... it meant no power for about next 20 minutes... with the people getting restless.. we started without power... The enthuthiastic quizzers, took to their mobile phones for light. Quizzes in mobile lights? Now thats innovation....

The response was very good, with sm 40 teams participating from all over campus, it was nice to see people rank their brains out.To encourage participation we had a quota system, wherein, atleast 2 teams each from 2k7 and 2k8 got thru to the finals, with the last two spots to be contested unreserved.

DAY 2:
We had the finals in the senior hostels.For venue taking the uncoventional route we took to our balcony.General Quiz had the people spellbound, the "O sh*ts !" , "Told u so" and answers as "JHINGUR" ( ? ) for satellite name, had us in splits.. newz... since we started @ 1800 hrs.. by the time it ended.. it was quite dark...and since it was an "OPEN' quiz in the real sense, we had to resort to floodlights ( Floodlight actually). It was nice to see the junior teams give the seniors a run fr their money.

Final standings stood as

1. Ashish Ranjan Jha & Kunal Kumar 2k6
2. Ramamurthy & Ankit 2k8
3. Amit Kumar & STR Bhargav 2k7

Lagaan Cricket themed quiz :With IPL around the corner.. it was basically a test to check if ppl really know everything about their favourite sport.This quiz went down to the wire, with the rookies pipping regulars fr the top spot by a tight margin.Same venue,lights and all..... Prabhakar Kumar from our team should take credit for what a brilliantly managed and organised event, with rounds as FREE HIT,QPL etc etc

Final standings stood as

1. Abhinav Kumar,Salman Faizi 2k7
2. Amit Kumar & Gyanendra Kr.Singh 2k6
3. Kunal Priyadarshi,Nikhil Krishna 2k7

We at Team Q-BIT would like to thank all the people who partcipated in the event and made it a success,last but not the least our team
Ashwyn Chandrashekar ( for all his "BHAASHAN-BAAZI" and motivating people to take part), Tanmay and Prabhakar ( for the content),Abhishek Kumar (for the magic he conjures with photoshop), and Ankur Gandotra(without whose contacts and managerial skills the event would not have been possible) . We would also thank the contribution made by Pramoth,Krishna Kumar, Abhishek Ranjan and Nikhil Krishna.



  1. great concept.......... should do it on regular basis..........floodlight concept was mindblowing.....good show

  2. wht ab8 prize money n certis mr.Q??

  3. okk...fine!!
    prize money and certis are the incentives..but i've learnt a few things from quizzing stalwarts and seniors in BIT Mesra....
    Quest For Knowledge transcends all that.......
    great going guys...finally students taking an interest in something so productive inspite of the fact that the campus is hardly encouraging in such pursuits...
    Got rebuked by a teacher for missing my lab when i told him i was away to represent the college in a quiz!!!!!
    KUDOS to the team QBIT!way to go!

  4. @shrill : thanks a lot !!

    @ kunal: prize money has been distributed to all who registered.....

    any clarfication feel free to contact me @;

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  6. thanks abhinav.its on u guys to make Q-BIT a success.
    @kunal-wat leonidas said.
    @shrill-thanks 4 ur encouraging words.and yeah knowledge ki bhookh shud alwys be the driving factor.
    @leonidas-khud ko thoda aur credit dene me sharam aa rahi thi.and 1 more thing u missed out the time we spent on thinking the names of the rounds.hehe!!!credit to Kaala 4 his brilliant photoshop work.


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