Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daily Trivia #383 & #384 Questions 9 & 10 for Quiz-a-day

I am sorry I couldn't upload the questions on QBIT. But here they are. Question 9 is no longer available for answering on IET's website however.

TRIVIA #383 : Connect the 2 images. The Dilbert comic is given as a hint.

TRIVIA #384 Connect the following 2 movies and the old guy.


  1. all the three companies ar 6sigma ..!

  2. @#383....its the six sigma rating developed by Motorola in the 80's and was awarded to the dabbawalas in mumbai...GE also has a six sigma rating..

  3. Ha ha, the dilbert comic was a nice touch.

    Six Sigma it is.

  4. 1. Ray dolby,
    connection, clockwork was the 1st motion picture to be released with dolby sound system and 1942 was the 1st movie in Indian Cinema to be released with dolby stereo

  5. Forbes gave the dabbawallas a six sigma rating of 99.999 and listing them alongside motorola and GE

  6. Six Sigma , Dilberts parody, Motorolla and Dhabbawallas


  7. for 383-- answer is

    six sigma.


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