Monday, October 11, 2010

QBIT & IET-BIT Mesra's Quiz-a-day begins today!

  1. Put on your thinking hats, switch on your headlights...coz its time to connect the weird, google the unknown and think wild!
  2. QBIT & IET presents Quiz-a-day begins today, 11th October afternoon with the 1st visual connect.

  3. Remember - the person who answers correctly fastest nets the highest points. QBIT will also host the questions on the blog. However, to compete, please go to IET's website to answer, and don't comment on the blogpost. It will not be counted for the contest. Otherwise, please do like you have been doing in the past!

  4. I hope you have registered here already.

  • The contest will run from 11th October to 24th October.
  • It is open only to first and second year B.E. students from BIT Mesra
  • Normally there would be one question everyday which would be posted between 12 pm to 3 pm. However, there may be surprise bonus questions on a few days
  • Submission times of correct entries shall be published on the next day
  • Final winners would be decided based on points.
  • Point system : Fastest correct answer gets 1000 points. Second fastest gets 975 and so on, with 25 points degradation.
For any issues, feel free to mail QBIT at, or Abhishek Sharma (09431935738, or Vrashank Jain (


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