Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chakravyuh 3.0 - REVIEW

Quizzing in BIT is finally picking up pace as we witnessed last night an unprecedented audience. Atleast 48 teams vying for the stage rounds, I felt humbled by the presence of all of them, defying hunger, tire and cold to quiz!
Chakravyuh 3 was a success. In terms of crowd, response, lack of major mistakes, controversies and confusion, the quiz was smooth. The initial date of 20th Jan was changed to 21st as Leeds University occupied the auditorium unexpectedly. Keeping in mind the class timings of the juniors, the quiz was scheduled from 6 - 8.30PM.

Spread across a prelim round of 25 questions followed by 4 stage rounds, Chakravyuh 3 crowned these as the winners :

1st : Raikom Terang & Abhishek Kumar (2k9)
2nd : Debjit Roy & Pranshumaan (2k9)
3rd : Sneha Roy & Estee Joe Mathew (2k10)

A hearty congratulations to them, as well as the other two teams who couldnt figure on the podium but gave tough competition to the top 3 :
Milan Pandey & Shikhar Atri (2k10)
Chaudhary Abhineet Kr. Singh & Anurag Behera (2k7)
Well done all of you!

The quiz was spread out across a prelim of 25 questions, a mix of audio, video, images and text which set the bar for the rest of the evening, followed by 4 stage rounds.
1st round was called A Quiver Full of Arrows which constituted 10 straight questions. 2nd was named And Thereby Hangs a Tale, continuing on the Jeffery Archer novel naming series. This long connect round went un-cracked by the stage teams and Ajay Cyril cracked it first, sitting in the audience.
Then, as we realized we were running out of time, we sped things up from here. As we regrouped and discussed what do, Gautham confidently tested his buzzer, which he has designed from scratch and I am proud as I would ever be to say BIT had its first ever electronic buzzer round and it worked like a charm! Nervous fingers, exciting questions, quick reflexes all made this round my personal favorite! And, we called it First Among Equals...apt I suppose.
Last round was a new and innovative round called Not a Letter More, Not a Letter Less. It was basically a crossword with the clues as questions of the quiz. I hope this new concept was appreciated by all.
Final points tally was excruciatingly close with the winning team just 5 points ahead of the 2nd! The only girls team came back strong, after going for a 0 in the first and a negative in the 2nd round to finish 3rd overall!

As soon as the internet here gets even a bit faster, we will upload the ppt's on Slideshare for you too see if you missed it. Till then, we have shared the Chakravyuh folder on DC for everyone to download. We would love to read honest feedback from you. Infact, it is necessary to know how you felt about it. Only then will the quizzes get better right? So, comment on this post or share it on our wall  @

I wouldn't have to argue with a lot of people if I say Chakravyuh was a success. But, only because of the people who came, enthusiastic and supportive of us, when we goofed up so much in the last quiz. With a promise that more such enthralling evenings are yet to come, I end this review with a tired legs but a happy heart.
Thank you!


  1. great work team!!
    I can ses the enthu dripping of the gearing up for outstation quizzes??
    definitly go roaring on that..
    nice to see Raikom n abhishek there..pranshu too..n Im really happy abt the girls coming in for quizzes..come on gals..make the guys dread u!!
    Nice work as far as the buzzer is concerned..the last buzzer quiz i played in BIT was in my first year..someone had made it as a part some Electronics assignment of his..Sorry we couldnt do a buzzer round during our the ppt n send us we'd love to see the Qs..

    look of late i gotto give u one piece of advice to u guys...its gotta be a team work..not leaving anybody out..its gonna affect the entire quizzing culture at u guys have to wrk things out..

  2. Nice Work QBITs team....!!!
    It really felt great to be there. The aura of quiz was present right from beginning till the end. I enjoyed, had fun, learned a lot. The questions was pretty tough though it could be answered by more than average thinking. I would like to congratulate to all the teams who won the contest and Hats Off!! to the quiz master who was excellent in his work.
    Looking ahead to participate in coming event...

  3. The quiz was fab....
    But the level of questions was as high as a star in sky....
    overall fantastic.
    and felt great and proud to hear that qbit is the fifth biggest quizing blog of world..


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