Sunday, February 27, 2011


Saturday second half ,I was almost jobless..
and when i came to know that it was jsr hosting crucible campus this time..
i hurried to catch it straight after Office ..
Though the organisers were not allowing audience(that i found very stupid) I was allowed when I showed them my Company I card( we're sponsors U see)..
The hall was half packed and was majorly dominated by XLRI. Even the wild card round found all 6 teams from XLRI.The finals had teams from XISS,XLRI,ISM,NIT-rourkela.
Pickbrain was as usual at his best..The showman that he is..
The interesting point to be appreciated was the scoring pattern of the finals..
The dry rounds were passed and with every pass the scores were +1.
that is if the Question went to team 1 and if they dint answer team 2 on answering would get 2..and if the same question went unanswered them team 3 would get 3 on answering..The finals kept the audience riveted especially the last round where there were 3 Qs on buzzer with 3 clueseach . Answering on the first clue u got a 12 answering on the 2nd u would get 8 and the 3rd would fetch u 4.So the last question came to be a decider as the winning team which was initially lagging answered the last Q on the first clue thereby fetching +12.the scores were pretty close with top 3 teams of XLRI on 36,35 and 31

Some Qs of the prelims

1) X is trade name for a heat rub manufactured and distributed by Haw Par Healthcare in Singapore. In India it is marketed by Elder pharma.
2)Which retail giant has acqurired MASS MART?
3)Ficci's new logo picture
4)Which company launched PLAYBOOK?
5)Asia's largest airlines(in terms of traffic it handles)?
6)Which company is the BIG YELLOW in photography?
7)Mojo Stallio are biles by which company?
8)Who is the largest serving chairman of LIC?
9)Pierre Nanterme replaced William Green as the CEO of which company?
10)with which comapny would u associate the SHOTTY AWARDS?
11) XC60 is by which company(hint: they manufacture majorly the airposrt buses in India)
12)which comapny has come with FZ series of bikes?
13) which IT major has ventured into furniture and brands like IDOL,STARTLINE,VIBRANT?
14) Whhich international in order to woo desi audience started the campaign
"come home on deepawali?"
15)picture of founders of
16)Which chip company has a map as its logo?

Trivia from the finals
1)Nokia's premium phone brand that Michelle Yeoh endorses?
2)Which comapany won the Edison Award a year back for innovation?
3)Tanishq's premium outlet where u can customise jewellery?
4)TCS came out with a software called TEWS for what purpose?
5)Avsar laddoos by which company?
6)Which financial company has the logo of Alexander the great?
7)Which company plans to launch its mineral water brand Aquarius?

*LAVA mobile phones first to incorporate the Rupee symbol
*Jackie Chan is a good singer and endorses KASPERSKY for the reason "Perfect security"
*Nakshatra gets name from Sanskrit word "Approach and guide"
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  1. prelims...
    the star marked answers were the only one that weren't googled...:P

    tiger balm...

    singapore airlines????

    ts vijayan
    *coca cola


  2. Is the chip company..Texas Instruments?? n could u pls post the answer of BIG YELLOW in photography??
    I'll be taking part in the Crucible Bangalore trying 2 get all the possible questions from other coimbatore,manipal,trichy,guwahati & now jamshedpur. Kindly oblige. Thank you 4 the post.


    This is too much bugga :) :)

    Yours lovingly :)



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