Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DAILY TRIVIA # 432 Ladiezzz Day Out.

This being the Centenary year for International Women's Day,Q-BIT salutes the ladiezzz in its own way.A rather hurried post.Hope you like it.And Shrillax,tohfa kubool karo :P
1.On the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria's rule in 1906,a Jubilee flame was taken all along the country to celebrate her rule. When the flame reached Punjab, Bishna and Manda  misheard the word ‘Jubilee’ for X and started writing verses that channelled the anger of the region against the British as symbolised by the Jubilee flame.X became a metaphor for the growing unrest against the British.Today X is used to refer a rebellious, fiery female character in many songs.Whats X?
2.This question owes its existence to the great find by Shoaib Daniyal.Identify this beauty.
3.Though the idea for this competition came from the lady on the top,the competition gets its name from another lady's name who took up the idea forward.Identify this trophy and both the ladies.
4.The lady on the left wrote a blog which chronicled her attempt to cook all the 524 recipes contained in the second lady's recipe book.This blog became famous and was resulted in being the source of a famous movie.Name the movie/the two ladies.
5.Every Lady wishes to own the bag that Neeta Ambani is shown here with.(Almost every time I read a fashion article this name pops up :P)This very famous bag is named after another lady shown below.Name this bag.

6.Aamir Khan is shown here wooing which lady.This happens to be her only appearance in films.
7.Though I have asked this ques earlier I believe this lady deserves an encore.Identify this actress who is known more for her invention than for her acting prowess.
8.Blue-Collar worker:-A worker in manual labour.
   White-Collar worker:-A professional or tertiary-schooled worker in an office environment.
   Pink-Collar worker:- ???
9.Here is Sidharth Malik's addition to this post.Identify these women and what unique feats have they achieved in motorsports?


miami_maiden said...

1.)jugni...as misheard from jubilee...also a metaphor in the name of the jugnu...the flame carrying insect...the flame was called jugni flame...and the queen was coloqiually referred to a jugni...
3.)fed cup..
the woman is hazel whitman..
started the first ever tennis tourney for women...
4.)movie=julie n julia!!
julie powell and julia child...
5.)thats the hermes "matte" crocodile skin handbag (incidentally...NOT a limited edition!!!)
6.)thats reena dutta...
aamir khan's ex-wife in the song papa kehte hain...
8.)pink collar workers refers to works that are suppsoed to be confined to the domains of the lady-hands..it comprises many primary activities that even men are involved in..eg:cottage industrial work...but the term pink collar specifically represents the demarcation in many respects like unequal payment of wages...also analogous to "unskilled" women labor...

miami_maiden said...

the hermes bag is a birkin to be more specific!!!
its characterstic saddle-buck differentiates it frm all other bags of its genre!
named after the famous singer birkin..

Shikhar said...

3. fed cup,Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman, Nell Hopman
7.heidi lamarr
8.low skilled worker....ladies doing domestic kind of work

miami_maiden said...

the first one is danica patrick
and michelle muton!!!
f1 car racing...well not champions but fairly good contestants!!!

shrill said...

tofa kubool kiya..
had to google quite a few
2.fvzv tnerjny
3.*srq phc
4.whyvr a whyvn
5.*ovexva ont
6.erran (nzve'f svefg jvsr)
7.ivivra yrvtu
8. qbzrfgvp jbexre

Varun said...

1: jugni
3: fed cup, tennis trophy for women only. nell hopman
4: Julie and Julia
Juli Powell and Julia Child
6: amir khans ex wife
9: these are women drivers who have won the NASCAR rally. the third one is Danica Patrick

shauvik das said...

2. Simi Garewal film is Aranyer Dinratri by Satyajit Ray

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