Friday, March 18, 2011

Daily Trivia 438 : Perspective is worth 90 points of IQ

Connect each of the above images ! (I know its a sitter but no missing links/part answers please)
A very Happy Holi to all the followers of our blog...have a fulfilling and colourful year ahead !!!

Answer - My first question ever which could not be cracked. Surprised !!!
Anyway, the images are: Alan Kay, an eminent Xerox PARC researcher and scientist who started the OLPC (logo depicted). He came up with the original idea of a laptop in 1968 which was not supported commercially by Xerox. Epson (tagline depicted) took up the idea and made the first ever portable computer. Quanta Computer(bottom left) is the largest OEM for Apple, Dell, Lenovo & all the major companies making laptops with a global market share of nearly 30%. The Alan Kay concept was called The Dyna, indicated by the Harley Davidson Dyna shown in the upper left image. The common theme, obviously is the Laptop Computer !!!

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