Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daily Trivia #441 A bit more noise!

 Hope we all had a happy and safe holi!
Connect these locations...I know they are a bit unidentifiable ("It could be anything!"). But, the post title is itself a hint and, since I am very sweet, I'll give you another: Oregon

I believe some of these are tineye-able too.

Question Courtesy: Pranshumaan Singh

After I-dont-know-how-many days, no one cracked it. Miami Maiden took it to another level altogether.
Answer: List of Intel codenames


miami_maiden said...

the connect is begot frm the "only" tine-eyeable image.the third last one... Portland is the most populous city of the US state of Oregon...which was one of the first, if not the first, cities of the world to enforce the noise control laws...which lays down extensively exhaustive guidelines for the control, defining and steps to be taken against minor or serious offenders of the law....

DJ said...

The answer is INTEL
the places are codenames of INTEL processors
penryn sandy bridge etc.

miami_maiden said...

hehe..the answer (that i gave) was so perfectly wrong!!lol....but then how cum the title is a hint??

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