Monday, March 28, 2011

Daily Trivia # 445 : Coup d'etat

Connect all the above images. (Hint: The man in beside Mr. X is Fidel Castro, pun intended)

Ans: Lee Harvey Oswald(pic 1), the man charged with murdering John F. Kennedy. The Cuban Missile Crisis impact zone(pic 2) which occured during JFK's reign. Oliver Stone(pic 3), who made the movie JFK and the JFK International Airport, New York(pic 4). So, the connect is JFK !!!


  1. x is oliver stone, the controversial movie director n actor...
    the images connect to his filming of the documentary "commandante"...his portraying of fidel castro as a "lone ranger in the hemisphere" in the fight against american policies...

    (although the phrase "pun intended" in the question puts my answer into perspective)

  2. Good job for the Oliver Stone u have to relate it with the other 3 images as well. Wat abt dem ? To make it a bit direct, All I can tell is Mr. Castro is not a part of the answer. Look at some other stone movies on politics, only a few of dem. So, it shud be a heck of a lot easier nw !!!


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