Friday, March 18, 2011

Qricket Review

For some reason, this review seems hard to write. Not that I don't remember the details, coz
believe me, this quiz will be embedded deep in my memory. Why?

1. I remember Debjit and Pranshumaan giving us the idea about this quiz few weeks back and I liked the idea at first. But, somehow it seemed "un-do-able". Then, seeing their enthusiasm, I got excited too and we ended up making 5 rounds! Everyday, they came to my room where we made the ppts, just sat behind me while I dragged the pics around and the discussions turned from minutes to hours, going past dinners. It was unbelievable.
2. The amount of hassle in getting the permissions for organising will not be forgotten. To sum it up, here's a message I had sent to Debjit when I was on the verge breakdown:
"There needs to be a bloody guidebook for permissions in this college.
I just got a permission to get a permission!

3. Qricket was planned to be the last quiz in CAT by us this semester. ANd we wanted to end it on a high. So, we hiked the prize money from 3 to 5k and changed a few questions. This quiz was not going to be a publicity stunt or "just another quiz".

4. All this paid off when I took the mic to address the crowd of around 150-160, all huddled up together in the audi, missing their evening snacks after a gruelling day of classes and labs. And all this for a quiz? In our college, where till last year, if you said "I quiz", you'd get shunned as if you're supporting England?! Believe it or not, I will upload some hazy pics from Debjit's cellphone when the internet allows me to do so here.

5. It was a cricket quiz! We love cricket! Even more so at the moment. So, the "chance pe dance" had to pay off. And it did! I found it a great way to celebrate the World Cup in India! As for the quiz, it went smoothly. I had gotten a spare projector in case the one in the audi gave up on us like last time. But, we didnt need it. No errors in timing, buzzer, scoring or the presentation. Smooth as it could have been!

Prelim cutoff went up to 11 with highest score being 14. The stage consisted of 3 2k7 teams, 2 from 2k8 and 1 from 2k9.
1. Kunal & Nikhil by a good margin of 55 points.
2. Saptarishi & Pushkar
3. Varun & Akshay
All from 2k7. Congratulations guys! I hope you remember this quiz after you pass out. :)

The teams that didnt make it to the top 3 to get the cash prizes were
Sparsh & Vivek (2k8), Vinit & Ankit(2k8) and Rahul & Vivek (2k9). Well done to them for being such great sports and giving us a splendid show!

The slideshare links to the ppts will be posted soon. As per last count, the ppts have been download 41 times from DC. I wish those 40 were there in the quiz instead!

We're really honoured to have gotten so far in 1 year. A lot has changed for QBIT and I think it mostly has been good. 6 total quizzes with around 380 questions asked, a steady group of quizzers following us and an increasing number of participation makes it evident. But, our job isn't even  half done. A lot to do over the next two semesters and a lot to expect from the 2k11 batch. I sign off here with immense satisfaction and hope we can get even better next time around! Thank you!


  1. Great job Team Q-BIT!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Great job Team Q-BIT!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  3. It was a huge success with a grand participation. WE are passing out, but if you do need anything from us, please feel free to contact. You have given us a great deal of quizzing


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