Saturday, April 16, 2011

DAILY TRIVIA # 454 The Five With The Harmonica.

1.These two albums are connected in a way that they came up with a unique business model to counter the music piracy market.What did they come up with?
2.In order to promote their new album this band circulated this newspaper.Name this band.
3.Connect this Delhi based duo with the other three images.
5.Identify the band.

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  1. in rainbows by Radiohead n the tamil movie album 180 devised thsi unique way of combaying video piracy by letting people LEGALLY download songs frmn their site by paying NETHING THEY LIKE...and nething includes NOTHING...

    universal sigh was published in order to propagate the new album by Radiohead!!

    Delhi duo Gaurav Bhatia and Tapan Raj's MIDIVAL PUNDITZ creation ATOMIZER is being featured in ads of Blender's Pride and the car Sportage by the US motor company KIA...also their creation is selected for the south africa world cup game!


    s-36!!..sreesanth's band


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