Sunday, May 8, 2011

Daily Trivia #459 The Royal Colaba

Identify and connect:


  1. The connect is Queems Park Rangers,based in London,owned by bernie ecclestone and Lakshmi Mittal.....Gulf air is da main sponsar of QPR,whose chairman is Talat Al-Aziz

  2. David Khalili
    Paul Reuter
    Lakshmi Mittal
    Bernie ecclestone
    all have/had a property at Billionares Row at Kensington Palace Gardens

  3. Nasser David Khalili
    paul reuter
    laxmi mittal
    bernie ecclestone

    all of them were residents of same house in Kensington Palace Gardens

  4. queen's park rangers..
    flavio briatore(the non tineyeable guy) recently stepped down as the chairman of qpr while mittal and bernie ecclestone hav been long tym backers of the sme

    the non tineyeable sculpture is of julius paul (the man who establihed reuters news agency)

    reuters news agency excusively reports for qpr...

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