Friday, August 19, 2011

Daily Trivia #498 The hound of autoville!

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  1. Daimler(represented by the three pointed star logo of Mercedes, which is one of Daimler AG's divisions) bought controlling interest in Chrysler(represented by it's penta-star logo) in 1998, but later sold it to the U.S. based Cerberus Capital Management.Cerberus in Greek and Roman mythology refers to a multi-headed hound (usually three-headed).With Fiat poised to assume a 35% stake in Chrysler,the ownership of the controlling interest of Chrysler became the matter of debate given that Daimler had nearly 20%, Fiat's taking over 35%, leaving Cerberus with 45%, but without the controlling interest.
    Apparently Daimler isn't interested in holding onto its stake either.Currently Fiat S.p.A is listed as to being Chrysler's parent company with 53.5% stake in it.

  2. Simple.....first Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler came together to form DiamlerChrysler(later renamed as DiamlerAG),but the merger didnt prove fruitful so Diamler LLC(Diamler group) was sold to CERBERUS(the mythical creature shown above donning the logos of FIAT,MERCEDES-BENZ & CHRYSLER) CAPITAL MANAGEMENT,who again sold it to Fiat due to bankruptcy!.....thus the cnnections!

  3. although my furst instinct was "fluffy", but rationality ruled n thus it is cerberus capital management which bot major stakes in chrysler (pendant of the third face of hades dog called cerberus), then benz and fiat also were bot by daimler which has now sold all 3 of dem to cerberus....
    the mythical creature is cerberus, the three headed dog, from which, as jkr acknowledged, she borrowed the idea of fluffy, to guard the philosopher's stone,which was located in an underground vault, just as cerberus guards the underworld...

  4. Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, makers of the Mercedez line, were the owners of Chrysler until it was bought in 2009 by FIAT

  5. Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft , makers of Mercedes lineup, were of Chrysler until it was bought in 2009 by FIAT


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