Saturday, November 5, 2011

DAILY TRIVIA # 514 The Three Q-BITyears

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Happy Birthday Q-BIT. This blog has now quenched the quriosities of the junta for 3 whooping years with an average of ~1 daily trivia every 2 days. So, here I have a fiver for the 5th of November.
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1. The movie Delhi Belly featured a song with the following lyrics:
   "Bhaag Bhaag D K Bose,D K Bose,....Aandhi Aayi Hai"
   Though it seemed like using a certain name in its lyrics, it turned into a profane word while singing.
   Which english term describes this condition where you misinterpret a phrase to a totally different
   meaning. Even this term came out of mishearing a particular phrase.

2. Connect.

3. Didn't know earlier that this behemoth corporation also made cars. Identify the logo.
   (The company I am referring to is a minority partner in this car venture).

4. Blame it on the internet, it does not have images of Nylon Nandini,Polyester Padmini and Cotton Kamini.It only has that of Silk Smitha. You get the connect :) So, here is an another connect ques. A tougher one though.

5. This Googler suggested the use of a particular symbol to be used for creating a group discussing something on twitter. What is that?


Kayyessee said...

1 The term "Mondigreen"
2. Cecil Rhodes was the founder of De beers company as also the founder of Rhodesia . He also instituted the Rhodes scholarship. Bobby Jindal was one such scholar.
3.Samsung is a minor partner with Renault!
4.three players to have played tests under two different names.
A G Kripal Singh ( Amritsar Govindsingh Kripal singh & Arnold George Kripal Singh after embracing christianity)
Nawab of Pataudi Jr became Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi after privvy purses were abolished.
Yousuf Yohanna bcame Yousuf Mohammed.
5. Hashtags (suggested by Chris Messina)

manas.nayak said...

4.found it very nice.trying my it about a cricketer playing with two different faiths.
AG Kripal Singh-punjabi to christian she turned,
yousuf yohana to mhd.yousuf
pataudi not sure..but he too changed his name.

let me know the correct answer also.
mail it at,
good one

ashen yor said...


century scorers on debut tests
hashtag man???!

ashen yor said...

question 2: Stuller Diamonds...
earlier thot it had smthing to do with the marange fields and de beer diamonds (Is It??)

    Random Posts...!!!